About me

Educational experience

  • 2018: Graduated from Asahigaoka High School
  • 2021: Dropped out of Department of Advanced Science and Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Toyota Technological Institute (for early admission of a graduate school)
  • 2023: Received Master of Engineering degree from Department of Advanced Science and Technology, Toyota Technological Institute (graduate at the top of the class)

Selected publications

See other publications at google scholar .

Projessional activities

  • Reviewer: CVPR2024



  • International exchange grant offered by Tateishi Science and Technology Foundation. (2023, acceptance rate = 47.6%)

  • Scholarship offered by The Toyoaki Scholarship Foundation. (2023-2025)

  • SICE Outstanding Student Award. (March, 2023)

  • Scholarship offered by The Toyota Scholarship Foundation. (2018-2021)